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Why are so few UK women taking the leap into entrepreneurialism?

March 8, 2012

There is still a huge gap between female and male entrepreneurs, even though there were more than 30% more self-employed women in 2010 compared with 2000, there are currently over twice as many men starting up businesses as women.

Questioned about the skills and experience to start up nearly 40% of working age women say they think they have the ability whilst a quarter agree that there will be good opportunities where they live in the next 6 months. So why are women in in the UK still dragging behind UK males and their female counterparts in the States when it comes to entrepreneurship?

Generally, there is a situation in the UK where boardrooms are still male dominated places and women’s salaries less than males. Women in the UK tend to be more reserved, less confident and participate less in professional networking opportunities than men. These factors all contribute to making women less confident in starting up a business even if they have a good idea they believe in.

In America levels of female entrepreneurship are nearly twice as high as the UK being almost equal with males. Women tend to have more self-confidence and a greater willingness to take chances with a relentless work ethic and high levels of entrepreneurship.

So what can British women do to build confidence? Mentoring from someone who has faced the same obstacles and pitfalls is a great place to start. Mentoring can guide you to find finance, write a Business Plan, and devise a marketing strategy. Ideally your mentor should be someone who has built a successful business in the same sector as yours and someone you develop a genuine rapport and friendship with.

Working with a mentor is a very supportive, beneficial experience for both aspiring male and female entrepreneurs but again something a lot of females don’t consider. If you are female and have a great business idea and would like to know more about mentoring then visit our free nationwide workshops in March and April to learn more.


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