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How to stand out from the crowd and win customers

March 8, 2012

In the current economic climate it has never been more important to market yourself and your company so that you stand out from your competitors. What makes you different i.e. your unique selling point or USP is what motivates people to buy your products or use your services over anyone else’s.

How do you get the message across? You have to identify and communicate your USP at every possible opportunity – on your website, social media channels, networking opportunities and all marketing and promotional events. You need to clarify what you offer your customers that makes you superior or different to your competitors and you need to feel comfortable and 100% positive about the reasons.

What is a successful USP?

One that simply answers the question “Why should I do business with you?”

Your USP should demonstrate the most powerful advantages and benefits you can offer your potential customers that your competitors currently don’t. It may be that you are too close to the day to day running of your company to see what you have to offer and that is when the services of a business mentor can, through a pair of fresh eyes, help you identify a USP.


You need to determine what it is that your customers need and want – what they aren’t getting from anyone else then offer it to them. You need to be specific but realistic and offer something you can deliver. By talking to customers and asking what problems they may have with a similar service you can build up a picture and offer something that is relevant to your customers’ needs and objectives. Again a business mentor, who has built a successful and profitable company in the same sector as yours, has the experience and knowledge to direct you and your business along a route that will pay dividends.


Promoting your USP

Once you have decided on your USP you need to integrate it into all aspects of your marketing and promote it at every opportunity – by consistently highlighting what your business offers over your competitors you will stand out from the crowd and win customers




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