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SME’s – mentoring can help you with marketing advice

March 4, 2012

Marketing is one of the most neglected aspects of small business management with owners always too busy with another facet of their business. If they do find time they are more likely to focus on retaining existing customers than marketing to attract new ones and no business can survive without new clients. The fresh perspective of a business mentor can focus your attention on this vital aspect of your business.

Probably the cheapest and most effective marketing today is via an on line presence -the one great thing about internet marketing is that it offers numerous channels through which you can interact with customers and prospective customers.However,never before have you, your brand and your company been so exposed which is why how you present yourself online is so important.The advice from a mentor who has run a successful business in the same field as yours can avoid many pitfalls.

There are many ways you can enhance your online reputation and some to be avoided at all costs. Your website is not something to cut corners on – free or low cost web sites look just that and give visitors to the site the impression that you are cheap and unprofessional – not someone they want to do business with. Think of your website as your on line shop window with a first impression that will either grab customers or turn them away. Once someone comes to your site make sure you have a way to capture details – their names and e mail addresses. You have spent time and effort attracting them to your site so why would you let them leave without a way to keep in touch? Ask them to register for an email newsletter and offer something in return. Mail Chimp is a free and easy option to use for monthly newsletters.

The advent of social media means there are more ways to communicate than ever before.Customers can now comment on you and your business by sending a tweet, a post on Facebook, a comment on your blog or by using one of the many internet forums. This is all brilliant instant endorsement if used correctly but can also have a negative effect if a disgruntled customer wants to voice an unhappy experience.

If you start a Blog or tweeting don’t let them drift for weeks with no entries and make sure you are telling your customers you are the experts in your particular line, show you have a passion for your business. If you produce a Blog that shows you are different and produce blog posts full of enthusiasm and interesting information, others will see you are genuine and your blog will be more successful.

Today, if you want to find new customers, expand your business or grow your reputation, the internet is the place to be. If you want to use it to its full advantage seek expert advice from a business mentor and entrepreneur who has built a  successful business via the internet.


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