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What’s the difference between a male and female entrepreneur?

February 21, 2012


The only difference is their sex – if you look at some of today’s leading female entrepreneurs many have made fortunes in what might have been thought of as male domains – Karren Brady in football, Nicola Horlick in finance, Jacqueline Gold in retail and Rita Sharma in travel. What they share with their male counterparts is the characteristics that make an individual more than just a successful business person but a seriously rich entrepreneur. These include character traits such as determination, confidence, passion, risk taking, ability to spot opportunities and the focus and drive to make things happen.


In 2012 there are no obstacles stopping women, any more than men, from achieving their business goals and grabbing an opportunity when they see it.Without risk there is no reward – something the very best entrepreneurs, with million pound fortunes, understand and that makes them some of the biggest risk takers. However, they will calculate the risks involved as any aspiring entrepreneur should also do. If lack of experience means you need to call on advice from a 3rd party then that’s when a mentor can help. They have probably faced all the complications, setbacks and frustrations in their careers that you will meet and are able to offer guidance that can save time and money.


So if you are male or female and have a brilliant idea for a business and the motivation to make it happen just go for it in 2012.


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