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Why work with a mentor?

March 23, 2012

Sometimes running a business can turn into a situation where the stress of day to day management stops you from seeing a clear direction for the future. You become weighed down and you lose the drive and spirit that first made you aspire to run your own business and become a wealthy entrepreneur.


Inspiration from an outside source such as mentoring can reinvigorate not just the person running a company but the employees, the marketing strategy and most importantly sales. The prime aim of a mentor is to support you within all areas of your business so that your company prospers and delivers sales and profits. Sometimes they may challenge you so that you expand your beliefs on what can be achieved. By making you think more widely and from a different perspective they open new avenues you had never thought of. Their experience and knowledge has been built up over many years, working with all sorts of companies, and by sharing it with you they increase your business skills.


A business mentor will support you to identify what you want to achieve, in planning what you need to do, in achieving your goals and in making things happen in your business. Your performance as leader of your company is vital to its future and being nurtured with personal support from a mentor is a sound business decision. A mentor listens to you, offers support and feedback and ultimately inspires and motivates you. You may have lots of ideas for your business but need someone with sound business knowledge and experience to bounce them off.


Working with a mentor has made a great difference for many SME’s in terms of both building turnover and avoiding costly mistakes. In today’s challenging economy more and more entrepreneurs have benefited from the relationship formed with a mentor.










Entrepreneurs need positive energy to succeed

March 20, 2012

Starting a business from scratch is quite daunting but entrepreneurs with a positive outlook are usually the most successful. To some it comes naturally but to others it is something that has to be developed and nurtured and one of the most profitable ways is by by tapping in to the positive energy of a business mentor.


A successful entrepreneur who has built a profitable company and has a positive approach to business and life in general can be very inspiring. With their support and guidance they can show you how to stay positive when things aren’t going so well and how to maintain optimism. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have experienced setbacks but the secret is not to give up but to have the courage and positive outlook to tackle them. Many have experienced losing everything but have carried on building a second fortune through sheer determination, hard work and by staying positive through all the adversities.


Quite simply if you concentrate on your goals, maintaining a positive attitude, then the failures along the way are just shaping us into the people we need to be to succeed.


Business 2012 – O2 Arena

March 19, 2012

Just finished first day at this great event -Business Expo 2012 FREE- was a real pleasure to meet so many aspiring entrepreneurs whose enthusiasm is inspiring. Bit cold inside the arena so if you are coming down today or tomorrow wrap up – you’ll find the Rockstar Group in Workshop Hall 4  not F2 ! (Programme has it wrong.) If you are looking at business guidance and advice from experts come down, enjoy the workshop – this is a really great event. You will just love the whole buzz of the place ,the energy and great ideas you will walk away with. Eveyone in business should take a few hours out and visit.

Gain Business Inspiration

March 15, 2012

In these challenging times many business owners need to feel re motivated about their companies and need direction and advice from an outside source. Mentoring is an ideal way to achieve this gaining business inspiration that will lead to:

  • Developing the future direction of your company
  • Identifying and developing business opportunities
  • Real improvements in business performance and efficiency
  • Routes to raising finance to help you to the next stage
  • Practical solutions to immediate problems


If you want to be innovative, energised and generally more knowledgeable about strategies to develop and enhance your business then visit one of Rockstars Free UK workshops in March and April. This is what some of the entrepreneurs who attended earlier sessions had to say:

  • “Thank you for inspiring us with your talk and advice and ways in which we could grow our business.”
  • “It is exciting and challenging setting up a new venture with your advice I look forward to growing and developing my business into a successful and flourishing one”
  • Anyone who values real life and up to date tips to help drive sales in your business should not miss these events”


Without a doubt all the business owners who attend the workshops leave feeling inspired, more confident and knowledgeable about the direction they need to take for success. The workshops are free so if you want to benefit book early as places do go very quickly.

Why are so few UK women taking the leap into entrepreneurialism?

March 8, 2012

There is still a huge gap between female and male entrepreneurs, even though there were more than 30% more self-employed women in 2010 compared with 2000, there are currently over twice as many men starting up businesses as women.

Questioned about the skills and experience to start up nearly 40% of working age women say they think they have the ability whilst a quarter agree that there will be good opportunities where they live in the next 6 months. So why are women in in the UK still dragging behind UK males and their female counterparts in the States when it comes to entrepreneurship?

Generally, there is a situation in the UK where boardrooms are still male dominated places and women’s salaries less than males. Women in the UK tend to be more reserved, less confident and participate less in professional networking opportunities than men. These factors all contribute to making women less confident in starting up a business even if they have a good idea they believe in.

In America levels of female entrepreneurship are nearly twice as high as the UK being almost equal with males. Women tend to have more self-confidence and a greater willingness to take chances with a relentless work ethic and high levels of entrepreneurship.

So what can British women do to build confidence? Mentoring from someone who has faced the same obstacles and pitfalls is a great place to start. Mentoring can guide you to find finance, write a Business Plan, and devise a marketing strategy. Ideally your mentor should be someone who has built a successful business in the same sector as yours and someone you develop a genuine rapport and friendship with.

Working with a mentor is a very supportive, beneficial experience for both aspiring male and female entrepreneurs but again something a lot of females don’t consider. If you are female and have a great business idea and would like to know more about mentoring then visit our free nationwide workshops in March and April to learn more.


How to stand out from the crowd and win customers

March 8, 2012

In the current economic climate it has never been more important to market yourself and your company so that you stand out from your competitors. What makes you different i.e. your unique selling point or USP is what motivates people to buy your products or use your services over anyone else’s.

How do you get the message across? You have to identify and communicate your USP at every possible opportunity – on your website, social media channels, networking opportunities and all marketing and promotional events. You need to clarify what you offer your customers that makes you superior or different to your competitors and you need to feel comfortable and 100% positive about the reasons.

What is a successful USP?

One that simply answers the question “Why should I do business with you?”

Your USP should demonstrate the most powerful advantages and benefits you can offer your potential customers that your competitors currently don’t. It may be that you are too close to the day to day running of your company to see what you have to offer and that is when the services of a business mentor can, through a pair of fresh eyes, help you identify a USP.


You need to determine what it is that your customers need and want – what they aren’t getting from anyone else then offer it to them. You need to be specific but realistic and offer something you can deliver. By talking to customers and asking what problems they may have with a similar service you can build up a picture and offer something that is relevant to your customers’ needs and objectives. Again a business mentor, who has built a successful and profitable company in the same sector as yours, has the experience and knowledge to direct you and your business along a route that will pay dividends.


Promoting your USP

Once you have decided on your USP you need to integrate it into all aspects of your marketing and promote it at every opportunity – by consistently highlighting what your business offers over your competitors you will stand out from the crowd and win customers




Are you interested in Business mentoring but not sure how it works?

March 5, 2012

If you think you could benefit from business mentoring but aren’t quite sure how it works then a great way to find out for nothing is to visit one of the Free Regus/Rockstar workshops. These are being held throughout the UK in March and April and deliver powerful insights and practical strategies for fast growing small to medium sized businesses.

The Rockstar Mentoring Group is the UK’s largest private entrepreneurial mentoring organisation with access to over 45 experts who are able to guide and advise you to success.

Mentoring is about having someone more senior experienced and knowledgeable in business than yourself who can also open doors with their many established contacts. Here are some of the benefits of having a mentor

 Emotional support

Small business owners often work alone and sometimes it’s hard to recognise your achievements or to generate ideas and solutions to develop the business. Using a mentor brings a fresh perspective that provides balance to your thoughts and ideas as well as a confidence booster when you doubt your own abilities or judgement.

Motivation The stress of running a business can sometimes drag you down and the motivation and inspiration from a mentor can be just the boost you need to realise you can achieve your goals.

Strengths & Weaknesses It is often very difficult for us to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses, to see how they affect our business and then take remedial action. A mentor can advise on how we can do more of what we are good at and how to find other ways or people to do the things we are weak at.

Questioning A mentor will make you question all aspects of your business – even some you would rather put off because you are afraid of the answer.

Focus The constant attentions from a mentor will give you the focus to action suggestions and plans and create a momentum to keep pushing your business forward. Having regular meetings will ensure you have a direction for the future.

Confidentiality A mentor’s prime objective is to get the most out of you for your business to flourish. All discussions are totally confidential but because they are emotionally removed it is far easier for a mentor to see things objectively.


Business mentoring is about creating entrepreneurs, wealth and success – find out more at the Free UK Workshops.